Films & Docs

Stimuli Entertainment

Films to shows; fiction to true life; engaging & entertaining stories

Here are some of our fiction film & documentary productions.

Stimuli, Tea & Crumpet Film Poster
LGBTQ Short Drama Film Tea & Crumpet
Stimuli, Outta Depth Film Poster
Crime Drama Short Film Outta Depth
Crime Drama Short Film Outta Depth
Stimuli, Littered Landscapes Documentary Film Poster
Children’s Documentary Littered Landscapes with Presenter Samuel Woods
Children’s documentary Littered Landscapes, presented by Samuel Woods
Observational Documentary & Interview with Lisa Daly Chairperson Limerick Pride
Short Documentary Gemma Weston Fly Boarding, Camera & Edit: David O’Brien

Have you an idea or a script for a film or documentary? Feel free to get in touch with us, we’d love to discuss it with you over a coffee

Stimuli Visual Creative, Video Production
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